Olives on the Hill - New Zealand certified extra virgin olive oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Mangawhai, Northland, New Zealand

Olives on the Hill - New Zealand certified Extra virgin Olive Oil Olives on the Hill - New Zealand certified Extra virgin Olive Oil
Our Ascolano oil has a distinctive peppery finsh. It is perfect drizzled over a tasty salad, or as an antipasto with dukha and a lovely glass of Northland merlot.
Our Frantoio extra virgin olive oil has a fresh fruity character with a distinctive aromatic flavour and a good balance of pepperiness. Perfect as a dressing over your favourite salads, pastas or steamed vegetables; delicious drizzled over baked potatoes or rice dishes, and adds flavour to hearty soups.
Our specially blended oil has a well-balanced flavour with a hint of cut grass and a mild peppery finish.  Combine with quality balsamic vinegar as a dressing for salads and sun-ripened tomatoes; enhance the flavour of steamed broccoli.  Use with Mediterranean inspired recipes to bring sunshine to your everyday meals.
Grove Blend
Once you have tried our extra virgin olive oil, one small bottle will never be enough again. We provide a neat solution with our 3 litre box to keep in your pantry.  The oil is kept away from light and there is a handy pourer to refill your everyday bottle.  This is a cost effective way to enjoy the health benefits and great flavour of our extra virgin olive oil.
3 litre box